Raw Freelancer is an online portfolio for freelancers and small businesses. Our mission is to provide a place for the World's fast-growing freelance and small business owner market to be seen and feel supported, whatever stage they're at. Raw Freelancer is not just an ordinary online portfolio site, you will have the opportunity to create your personal website, which will have a subdomain or a custom domain that you will be able to connect to your custom website domain. All the changes you make within your Profile will also be displayed on your subdomain or custom website domain.

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your freelance career, or an experienced freelancer, or a small business owner, everyone is welcome to become a member. The only requirement is that the Profile must be completed nicely, with all the necessary information about you, your portfolio, your works and your skills, which will be displayed on the website. Considering that we will try to maintain the quality of the website and design as much as possible for the sake of professional website visitors, we ask all future members to devote maximum effort to the creation and design of their profiles.

The recommendations for the files you upload to your portfolio are 2000 px on the longer side, and a maximum size of 2MB, due to the speed of the page load.

Verification of subdomains and custom domains takes 24-48 hours due to DNS settings